Frequently Asked Questions

How many owners are needed to start a Company?
One or more Directors (Max. 20). An unlimited number of shareholders are allowed.
What do I need to register a new Pty Company?
• A certified ID (or Passport if you are a foreigner) for each Director. • A physical home OR work address in South Africa.
Can I still register a Close Corporation (CC)?
No. The registration of Close Corporations has been discontinued in 2010 and Pty Companies replaced it as the Company structure which small and medium enterprises use.
Are there any other fees payable after my Company is registered?
All Companies and Close Corporations must pay an Annual Return fee to the Company Registrar (CIPC) once a year. Even if the Company is not actively trading. Failure to pay this fee for a 3-4 year period, may result in the ‘de-registration’ of your Company.
How long does the Company Registration process take?
We take 24 hours to process all your documents; thereafter CIPC takes a few more days to process your documentation.
How do I get my original hard-copy Company Certificate?
CIPC has recently upgraded their Certification System. From 2014 ALL Company Registration certificates are sent as a Certified Electronic document to new Companies via email. This document can be printed and it WILL be accepted for all your business purposes in South Africa. If anyone has a problem with that, your Consultant will verify this new system with them.
Which locations do we cover?
Anywhere with internet. We are not bound by any location; and neither is your Company Registration. If you are located anywhere in South Africa, or even outside the country, we can register a South African Private Company (Pty) for you online. The beauty of internet!
May companies still use “Trading as” names?
Unfortunately not. In terms of the Companies Act of 2008, Companies may no longer use “Trading As” names as it caused much fraud and misinterpretations.
I am a foreigner and I have no passport. Can I still register a Company in South Africa?
CIPC will accept a valid Asylum Document as well. You will need a valid physical home address in South Africa though.
I received a notice that my Business is in the de-registration process. How do I stop this process and rectify my Company?
CIPC normally starts the de-registration process due to ‘no recorded Annual Return Fees’. This normally occurs when your fees have not been paid for the last three – four years. We can assist you if this process hasn’t gone too far. • If the notice indicates: “AR Final De-registration” – then you have to Register a Company again or rectify the Company at CIPC directly. • If the notice indicates: “De-registration process” – then your Company can still be restored by filling its Annual Returns. Submit your Annual Returns ASAP! If you are not sure – contact us.